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Numerous times in my life I had been encouraged to learn healing techniques such as healing touch and reiki. Each time there was an obstacle or challenge with my ego that made the timing “not right”.


Finally, in the summer of 2012 everything fell into place and I completed the training for Usui Reiki Levels I and II in Jamestown, ND. My journey required me to spend time doing self-reiki and learning more about the new skills and gifts that had been awakened during the process.


In 2014 Morning Star Reiki was created and I had the honor and privilege to see clients at my local practice and while traveling to communities for holistic healing expos, and conducting sessions online. I continued to train with many talented teachers learning mediumship, spiritual mediation, working closely with the angels, guides, and spirit, in 2016 became a Certified Angel Card Reader and in 2017 completed Usui Reiki III and IV, Reiki Master Teacher.  Some additional Certifications include Certified Angel Tarot Reader, Seichim Reiki,  Manifesting, Featherway and Money Reiki to name a few.  

Reiki has been a beautiful practice to incorporate into my daily life and I'm excited to share the possibilities with you through individual sessions or learning the practice.   Currently all sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Facebook.  Face to face sessions will be returning soon.


I look forward to working with you on your journey.

Much love,


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